Founded in 2013, Ace & Tate is an eyewear brand from Amsterdam, offering thoughtfully-designed frames at transparent prices, from €98 including prescription lenses, and €298 for varifocal. Ace & Tate celebrates bold views by collaborating with and supporting creative, forward-thinking individuals. Through responsible and conscious actions, the brand is on a mission to become an engine for positive change in the industry.

What we stand for:

BOLD VIEWS: We collaborate and support creative individuals who inspire us and our audience.

RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS: We’re working towards becoming an engine for positive change in our industry.

NICE EYEWEAR: We want to change the way people experience eyewear, and use our product as a tool to encourage self-expression.

Why we do what we do

We want to celebrate, highlight and empower people to be whoever they want to be. We understand that we are not one thing, we seek to break down the barriers that currently surround optical purchases, encouraging people to not be defined by a single frame. We want to celebrate a universal truth: we are complex beings made up of many thoughts, and that is what makes us uniquely individual. We want to use our product as a bridge to connect with people, and trigger relevant, crucial conversations.

Working at Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate is more than just a company to work for: it’s a brand and product coming straight from our hearts. Our office is a big open space located in an up and coming neighbourhood in Amsterdam East. Our team lunches are freshly prepared every day with organic ingredients and we even have our own bar and in-house DJ for the Friday fun. Our stores across Europe are an extension of our creative brand identity.

Creativity matters

We seek to be creative, innovative and authentic in everything that we do, and we wish to continuously inspire our audience along the way. Each one of our stores are different and unique, yet still recognisable, since we’ve put a lot of love and effort into building and defining a visual identity. We make it our priority to work with original creatives, collectives and organisations for campaigns, in-store artwork, product collaborations, panel discussions and many other meaningful projects.