We believe that movement is the key to getting the most out of life. Movement makes us happier, healthier and more in-tune with the world around us. It’s movement that leads to a sound mind in a sound body. And it’s movement that can improve a day, a life and even a whole community. Which is why everything we do at ASICS is to inspire movement. Pure and simple.

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Move Yourself

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our people. When you join ASICS, you’ll get the support you need to move your career forward. Through learning and development and stretch assignments, we open up new experiences to move and to grow.

We care about our employees’ well-being and promote initiatives to help achieve a sound mind in a sound body. Through our on-site gym, fitness club discounts and our “Be Well” programme, we encourage everyone at ASICS to move and stay active.


This is an incredible time to be a part of ASICS. We are on the move, and moving fast. With big ambitions and bold plans, we are opening-up new opportunities to join our world-class team.

When you join ASICS, you’ll get the opportunity to make an impact from day one. We believe that every single person can make a difference, so we encourage our employees to dream big and empower everyone to make things happen.

Testimonial Jelle Van Arendonk - Director of Retail Operations - North

ASICS was founded on the philosophy of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body". I connected with this message from the start, and I truly believe that it is relevant for people now, more than ever.

I have the opportunity to bring this philosophy to life in our stores in a way that hopefully inspires everyone, store staff and customers to move more, every day!

Testimonial Carole Durif - HR Director - South

I joined ASICS because of the company values and the people. The core values of ASICS closely mirror my own, which enables me to genuinely promote the company to the candidates I meet. I also really enjoy working with my colleagues who are both talented and humble, as well as professional and fun.

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