It started with a simple idea that changed an industry – Jack O’Neill just wanted to surf longer.. The starting point of the brand is to do more of what you love, Jack wanted to surf for longer and that spirit continues today. It is not about being world champion, it is about the love of nature and enabling people to be out longer – whatever the weather.

This spirit will be the backbone of our brand, building technical and innovative product that looks equally at home on a board or in the city.

If where we came from makes you smile then we may have the perfect opportunity for you - we are looking for the next generation of pioneers, rebels, dreamers and innovators to help us to continue this legacy of breaking away from the rest of the group. Be a part of building the future of our great brand!



Born from our Californian roots, we create leading-edge products for active and adventurous spirits to let us enjoy our playground longer. We are the California Original.


Curious: We are constantly pioneering, experimenting, reinventing ourselves, striving to become better.

Energetic: We are active people. We are full of positive energy. We never stop. Always going for the extra mile.

Inclusive: We are part of a community. Everybody is invited and truly welcome to join.

Resilient: We have a winning mindset. We see obstacles as opportunities. We thrive on change and adapt to it. We keep going until we have reached our goals.

Responsible: We have a natural drive to take care of each other, our product, our planet and our brand. Together, we will do our part.