About Swatch Group

The Swatch Group Ltd is an international group active in the manufacture and sale of finished watches, jewelry, watch movements and components. Swatch Group supplies nearly all components required for the watches sold by its 18 watch and jewelry brands as well as by its two retail brands, Tourbillon and Hour Passion. The Group’s production companies also supply movements and components to third-party watchmakers.

The Swatch Group Ltd is also a key player in the manufacture and sale of electronic systems used in watchmaking and other industries. With its watch brands, it is also a leader in the field of sports event timing as official timekeeper and data-handler of most of the Olympic Games of the last decades and major international sports events.

The Swatch Group Ltd has a unique emotional culture. Beauty, sensuality, emotions in watches are as much part of it as high-tech, quality and added value on the customer’s wrist. Both, emotional poetry and innovation play an active part in the commitment to its customers. The Swatch Group Ltd was founded in 1983, by Nicolas G. Hayek. It grew out of the merger of two big Swiss watch groups, ASUAG and SSIH. The Group has since shown steady growth in key financials, leading to records. Today, the Group employs over 37'000 persons in fifty countries. Swatch Group’s 2018 net sales amounted to CHF 8'475 million.

The history began in 1981

More than 30 years ago Swatch introduced a simplified, Swiss-made quartz wristwatch with only 51 parts. The world’s first plastic watch was made not by hand in the traditional Swiss manner, but on a fully-automated assembly line. The small number of parts and automated assembly made quality Swiss watches accessible, for the first time, to millions of people.

The Founder

Dr h.c. Nicolas G. Hayek (1928–2010), Swiss citizen, Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors of the Swatch Group from 1986 to 2010. Mr N.G. Hayek, strategic consultant of the Group since 1980, defined the guidelines for the merger of ASUAG-SSIH, and developed the future strategy of the Group. The Universities of Neuchâtel and Bologna conferred honorary doctorates on him. Mr N.G. Hayek was also Chairman of the Board of the Hayek Group, of which he was the founder and which also occasionally provides services for the Swatch Group. Mr N.G. Hayek acted within the Advisory Board of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and was also a member of the temporary advisory «High Level Group» of the European Union.

Mr N.G. Hayek was awarded the distinction «Grosses Ehrenzeichen mit Stern» from the government of Austria, he was appointed «Officier de la Légion d’honneur» and «Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres» by the government of France and was nominated honorary citizen of Biel-Bienne as well as of Meisterschwanden (Aargau). In January 2007, Mr N.G. Hayek received the Swiss Lifetime Award, which was awarded for the first time.

In 2008, Mr N.G. Hayek constituted Belenos Clean Power Holding Ltd, of which he was Chairman and Delegate. Mr N.G. Hayek did not exercise other executive or supervisory activities outside the Group. He held neither official function nor political office.

Swatch Group is a diversified multinational holding company active in the manufacture and sale of finished watches, jewelry, watch movements and components. It is the world’s largest watchmaking group, and supplies nearly all the components required for the watches sold by its eighteen individual brands and the multi-brand retail companies Tourbillon and Hour Passion.

Its production companies supply movements and components to third-party watchmakers in Switzerland and around the world. Swatch Group is a key player in the manufacture and sale of electronic systems used in watchmaking and other industries. It is also a leader in the field of sports event timing.

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Who are our employees

Our success is based on the performance of our staff, our experience and expertise and the entrepreneurial focus of our executives. The large pool of our people and highly gifted management staff, our creative watchmakers and design teams, our imaginative engineers and technicians, the employees' loyalty to their brand, to their factory and to the Swatch Group — all of these factors contribute to our ability to develop and strengthen the company.

Who we are looking for

People are more important than systems and technology. We look for people with personal drive and integrity, professional skills, creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility and practical experience of what can be implemented.

We need people with a fighting spirit and motivation who are willing to reach ambitious targets and who are able to cooperate with others as team players. We need people with an open mind, who can also imagine switching one day from one unit to another within the group.

What will you find at Swatch Group

A hardworking and dynamic atmosphere, an environment that thrives on excellence, technical innovations and excellent products will offer you plenty of room to prove your performance. You'll find a group that, by strengthening the operational bases, by continuing to innovate for the future and to invest in institutions, distribution systems and human resources continues to develop with controlled growth and within the realities of the markets in which it operates.

You will find an open, pragmatic and fair partner who is always open to new ideas, visions and challenges and who is willing to communicate with you.