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United Colors of Benetton is the clothing brand renowned worldwide for its colors, knitwear expertise and social commitment. A blend of Italian style and global research, United Colors of Benetton collections present on trend, quality outfits, respecting the environment and with the goal of creating a brighter future for all humans.

Who we are

Today Benetton Group is one of the best-known fashion companies in the world, present in the most important markets in the world with a network of about 4,000 stores; a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity, and to a society in transformation.

The Group has a consolidated identity comprised of colour, authentic fashion, quality at democratic prices and passion for its work: these values are reflected in the the strong, dynamic personality of the brands United Colors of Benetton and Sisley.

People in Benetton Group

More than 6000 employees all over the world, women representing 75% of them.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Icelandic, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Walloon, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Albanian, Catalan, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian , Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Filipino, Indi, Yiddish, Malay.


Benetton Group recognises diversity as a source of enrichment, and offers opportunities without discrimination. Diversity and equal opportunities represent fundamental values in the company and are clearly mentioned in the Group’s Code of Ethics.

Benetton Group guarantees impartiality and is committed to avoiding discrimination of every kind (age, sex, state of health, race, nationality, political opinions, religious creed, social and personal conditions), guaranteeing that every man and woman inside the company is treated with respect.

Benetton Group recognises the importance of human resources, protecting and promoting their value with a policy based on recognising merit and on equal opportunities, providing specific training programmes such as professional refresher courses and programmes aimed at acquiring new skills.

Benetton Group is committed to maintaining a relationship with its employees based on loyalty, transparency and mutual respect, without discrimination, offering employees the equal opportunities and guaranteeing everyone the opportunity for professional development based on objective, meritocratic criteria.