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YAYA SS15 – One Day

Door Bram Strijbos

2 jul. 2014



“Imagine waking up to bright rays of sunlight streaming through your window”- this is where the inspiration for the YAYA SS15 collection starts. Think of the moment your bare feet touch a marble floor and you are awake. Slipping into a soft linen dress. And when you open the doors to the patio you stretch and breathe in the early spring morning freshness and you rub your bare arm; goose bumps.

Those perfect spring days is what gets us going; the colour of the morning skies, the first rays of sun on your face and the smell of flowers in bloom. The first collection of summer is divided into three colour themes and full of easy wearable, feminine designs and both soft combinations as bolder looks.

Minimalistic shapes, inspired by architecture and design is the base for the first theme. With a fresh colour palette that reminds you of the shades you wake up to at dawn. Dressing minimalistic the YAYA way does not mean everything neutral of combining only one colour palette. No, it goes beyond simple silhouettes and easy going tonal schemes… Think timeless colour blocks, soft patterns and cool looking bomber jackets.

L’eau, is all about a wonderful underwater colour palette and the memory of the first time in Spring you go barefoot in the water. Leisurely stripes make a graphic statement and washes away all your winter worries. Dip-dye stripes and soft linen knits are ideal pieces to layer from spring to summer and to feel light and breezy. Another important part of this theme is mesh. While mesh first emerged in street style, it is now finding its way to the racks and runways in the form of sweaters, tanks and tops. Our ultimate look for this theme is both edgy and classy.. and perfect for the warmer weather. A key item and the designers favourite is a silver metallic jacket. It’s not for the weak of heart, but no one could ever accuse you of being boring.

Bloom is inspired by the fresh scent of a flower garden in spring. At this point, we are ready for a little summer romance. The colours bring a pretty collection of feminine pastels, soft white mixed with warm pinks, tender greens and a simple nude. Soft floral prints and lace bring an ultra-modern prettiness into play without becoming too saccharine. Very ‘YAYA’ is to either style the lace to look soft and charming by pairing it with delicate accessories, or to make your look edgy and sharp by matching it with a bolder looking jacket.
A key item is a soft suede summer blazer, to give the feminine and soft outfits a relaxed and festive attitude. Temper the overt femininity of the look with our casual denims, and you’re ready to hit the summer season!

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