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Mercer FW22

Door Press Club

14 jan. 2022



For Fall Winter 2022 we have expanded considerably on clothing, we have involved beautiful suppliers from Canada and Portugal in the team to guarantee the best materials and production method. This season we've again focused a lot on recycled qualities in both footwear and apparel. We've updated existing designs in the details with quilted and wool details, as well as continued basics. Our new Re-Run sneaker, which retails for EUR 159, has been a resounding success – we never imagined that such a lower price point could be such a success for us as a brand. The sneaker is made entirely from Global Recycled Standard certified materials, which is also the unique selling point for a sneaker at this price point with this look-and-feel. We close 2021 as the best year ever in the history of the brand, and it looks like 2022 will show another strong growth. Our goal is still high-end sustainability and that is fully expressed in both the manufacturing method and the chosen materials.


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