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Don’t miss the Grand Opening of Terminal-2!

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Since the start in 1998, the focus of CPH Vision is to exhibit and promote Nordic design with a mix of international brands and the fair has developed into

becoming one of the most interesting fashion events for the curious and news-hungry international buyers, from Japan in the east to US and Canada in the west. The over 30.000 visitors consist of buyers, both national and international press and trendsetters, of which more than 50% come from abroad. In an area of 5000 m2,
CPH Vision presents Contemporary Fashion, Feminine Classic, Direct Fashion, Shoes & accessories and up-and-coming designers. Terminal-2 is the Streetwear & Denim Fair holding impressive 9000 m2 in an amazing fair ground, previously used as locomotive maintenance building. As from February 2009, Terminal-2 is an integrated part of the Fashion Trade Fair CPH Vision. Playing host to an impressive range of denim and streetwear labels and fashion companies, Terminal-2 is intended to showcase the universe that is characteristic of the urban, denim and streetwear lifestyle with shows, lounges, performances and music. The fair is segmented into Sport Fashion, Streetwear and both urban and high-end Denim.

There will be shuttle busses available between CPH Vision & Terminal-2 during the whole fair period, every day between 9.30 AM -7.30 PM.

With only one ticket visitors can access both CPH Vision & Terminal-2 – ON TICKET, TWO FAIRS!

As we approach the February 09 edition of CPH Vision & Terminal-2 we are excited to experience an increasing number of online registrations. It is with great optimism, excitement and high expectations that we look forward to Copenhagen Fashion Week AW09/10!


For the upcoming fair in February, CPH Vision and Terminal-2 will launch two new areas to support and promote new up and coming designers with great potential. Designers to take part in this initiative are:

CPH Vision: Borcher, ISS, Snygg, Iloa, Girls From Omsk, Anardo & Skyum etc. Terminal-2: Humør, Svensson Jeans, Pannu, Ondo Jeans, Nomadic, , Mardou & Dean etc.


CPH Vision & Terminal-2 are proud to have The Royal Danish Playhouse as exclusive party venue for the CPH Vision Party AW09/10, to be held on Saturday 7 February. It is the first time since the inauguration in 2007, that the Playhouse is used for a fashion related event of this kind. It is a by-invitation-only event and the invitations will be released and personally handed out to the CPH Vision & Terminal-2 crowd starting Thursday 5th February 2009.


CPH Vision introduces new show scene at the main entrance to Øksnehallen. The new scene will host the CPH Vision Trend Show and the Designers’ Nest Show and Award. The show facility is offered free of charge to exhibitors of CPH Vision & Terminal-2. The new show venue will play host to the Munthe Plus Simonsen, Noblesse and Bertoni AW09 shows.


With brands like S’NOB, Suit, Trousers, St-Martins and Margit Brandt, the clothing company Metropol International, has recently launched the exclusive womenswear brand Noblesse. The new Danish fashion brand brings a new level of elegance with emphasis on luxury fabrics, beautiful proportions and attention to detail. Noblesse is a new name in the Copenhagen Fashion Week show calendar and will be presenting its AW09/10 collection at the CPH Vision show scene in Øksnehallen.


During the fair period, the department store Fisketorvet will offer extra parking facilities to all exhibitors and visitors of CPH Vision & Terminal-2. Located just across Otto Busses Vej, where Terminal-2 is situated, Fisketorvet has 2000 parking spaces where visitors and exhibitors will be able to park for 5 hours free of charge. Terminal-2 has approx. 500 parking spaces.

Øksnehallen Halmtorvet 11
DK-1700 Copenhagen

Otto Busses Vej 5A
DK- 2450 Copenhagen

Terminal 2