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Flore Zoé & Jessica Joyce in Progress; '..& NOW, WATER!'

bezig met laden...


Photographer and Fashion designer met. The collaboration between Flore Zoé and Jessica Joyce is a unique fusion of photography and fashion. FZ developed

 the concept for the Water' series, The similarities in vision lead to the special project 'Global Water' which will be shown during Amsterdam International Fashion Week in the exposition 'en NU! WATER!' in the gallery: Studio Apart #2. In 2008 the start will be small, quiet and stylish, to be continued in 2009 in a grand and spectacular way.

2008 During an exclusive exposition and show, Jessica Joyce's creations will form a perfect synergy with the concept and FZ photography. Water is their main subject. 2009 Water flows, lives and reveals a true beauty. The project's idealistic purpose is given expression in water as a pure and cleansing element, water as a power source to change from impurity to durability and cleanliness. You are invited to the exposition and the performance.

Flore Zoé - Photographer
Flore Zoé has been working for ten years now as an autonomous/fashion photographer and also is the owner of IMGN, bureau for visual communication. For the past years she has worked with renowned designers, such as Percy Irasquin and Marlies Dekkers. Her work has been shown in Amsterdam; for 2009/2010 expositions are foreseen in Berlin and New York. She also worked with Marcel Wanders; from this collaboration a presentation followed at the prestige Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Jessica Joyce - Fashion designer
After attending the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Belgium, she finished her degree at the Academy of Art and Design, Arnhem (Artez). During her studies she worked for Corinne Cobson in Paris and Helmut Lang in New York.

Fashion designer Jessica Joyce is renowned for her sophisticated, distinctive designs; Jessica Joyce reminds us that beyond the traffic and sprawl of our fair city, the wide world teems with natural wonders.

Having consolidated the previous year's experiences, fashion designer Jessica Joyce is expanding into new territory. After presenting the collection for the second time at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Jessica Joyce pursue it's creative journey. She has been commissioned to design a unique gala dress to promote the WNF brand through a strong fashion statement. For the upcoming season the fashion brand will have a New York presence thanks to the Soho showroom Absolute Element.

Jessica Joyce