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Today in Stockholm…

bezig met laden...


In connection to Monday’s inauguration of Stockholm Fashion Week fashion brand Lobra was announced ‘Rookies of the Year 2012’ by the The Swedish Fashion Council, during a price ceremony in Rookies Showroom. Lobra was founded in 2011 by Louise Bramstedt from Kalmar, designer and product developer specialized on shoes and accessories.

The motivation from the jury, including Margareta van den Bosch from H&M, was as follows: “The jury welcomes more ‘party’ into Swedish fashion and with this designers festive ‘splash of colour’ products our prayers has been heard. We are convinced that she will take the lead when the Swedish fashion wonder is followed by this new shoe and accessorie wonder.”

The price includes a scholarship of 20.000 SEK (2500 euros) from Swedish Trade Federation Stil, the challange prize ‘Joy of Fashion’ designed by Jeanette Karsten in collaboration with Målerås glassworks, and a dedicated retail space in two selected stores in Stockholm through the store ‘The Casbah’. Bramstedt also received a value check of 10.000 SEK (1200 euros) from Digaloo for the printing of lookbooks. The four other candidates to the award - the designers behind the brands Alice Fine, Johanna Pihl, Scho Collection and Stutterheim – were gifted a check of 5000 SEK (600 euros). Previous winners of the title ‘Rookies of the Year’ have been Dagmar (2005) and Obscur (2011) among others.

Lobra participates in Rookies Showroom untill Tuesday the fourteenth of August in connection with Stockholm Fashion Week. The Fashion Week in Sweden takes place untill the nineteenth of August. You find the schedule here.

Photo: Peter Håkansson

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