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Meet exclusive Aegean Manufacturers and be ready to say AHA!

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Apparel industry of Turkey has always been one of the leading industries in Turkey and the Aegean Region is one of the most important centers for manufacturing exclusive apparel products with over 1000 members under the brand name of “Aegean Has Apparel” which is being supported by the Aegean Apparel Exporters’ Association.

Nowadays, sustainability is the focus of almost every sector. As such, for textile and apparel industry, products that are made from organic, environmentally conscious materials are in high demand. If you are curious who to work with for sustainable fashion, the right address is the Aegean!

Aegean Apparel Manufacturers have long taken their place in the new world order; in the spotlight of world leading brands, with a strong sense of sustainable fashion! That is why, Aegean Apparel Manufacturers place sustainability in the center of their production process and approach the future of our nature with respect.

As a result of sustainability works, Aegean Apparel Exporters’ Association became the first Exporters’ Association in Turkey to become a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability initiative.

Besides sustainable production, being a center of production of the high quality “Aegean Cotton”, the region has established itself as a manufacturing hub of knitted and woven men’s, women’s, children’s, and babies’ wear. Moreover, the region has specialized in the manufacturing of organic textiles and apparel. In our area, many companies are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS).

Design, production, flexibility, hard work and partnership…
Aegean Apparel Exporters' Association is the regional leader of international export.
You need to look at the Aegean, to see it, hear it, get to know it…
As we always say: Any region in the world can produce apparel...
But no one does it like the Aegean!
With Aegean Has Apparel, not only you will travel to the Aegean side but also get to know the apparel manufacturers who spread their talents across the world.

Meet exclusive Aegean manufacturers at Premiere Vision Manufacturing Section, Hall 6, 8/10 February 2022 and be ready to say AHA!

Visit the website here

Aegean manufacturers are also available online at www.aegeanhasapparel.com, Instagram (@ageanhasapparel) and LinkedIn (aha-aegeanhasapparel).

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