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34th IAF World Fashion Convention Fully Booked

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We, IAF and MODINT, are pleased to announce that the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention to be held October 8th and 9th is now fully booked. We are excited to note that a strong theme carried by a strong cast of speakers is drawing a truly international group of delegates.

More than 20 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas will be represented. Industry associations, brands, retailers, manufacturers, designers and suppliers to the industry will all be present at the convention. Therefore, we expect that the convention will also act as an excellent and vivid networking event.

We have made an effort to open up the Convention also to people or companies that are crucial to the future of our industry, such as start-ups as brought in by Fashion for Good, local designers brought in by Fashionclash from Maastricht and fashion students brought in by several fashion schools and universities from the Netherlands.

Our sponsors also form a diverse group representing numerous solutions to several important issues in our industry, such as digitization and sustainability.

In this way, a full house in Maastricht is also a very diverse house, as diverse as our great fashion industry actually is. We look forward to meeting all delegates and we are convinced that the 34th IAF World Fashion Convention in Maastricht will turn out to be very effective and successful!

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