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Become a CEO in the fashion industry with a 1-year Master’s degree in Amsterdam

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If you see yourself as a responsible fashion leader of the future with an understanding of sustainable management practices, someone who knows how the fashion industry currently works and how it should and could work, then our Master’s degree (MSc) in International Fashion Business and Management is for you.

Applications for academic year 2019-2020 are now open. Please, sign up and we will be more than happy to invite you to attend the interview day on Friday the 19th of April 2019 from 10:00am to 3:00pm. This day is designed to give the team of the Amsterdam Fashion Academy the opportunity to spend time with you and work together and for you to get a real feeling of the Academy, students and lecturers.

You can contact the Amsterdam Fashion Academy by email at info@amsterdamfashionacademy.com or by phone at the number +31 (0)20 4896692.

Programme overview

Become a CEO in the fashion industry who embraces Inclusive Leadership, with a strong vision for the future and who can inspire others to change. You will learn how to be an entrepreneurial-minded leader taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, so keeping your organisation moving forward in uncertain times.

Students will learn the skills and knowledge they need to become a new generation of fashion business management specialists; innovators of the future embracing and understanding the principles of sustainability, responsibility, sound management and financial practice.

Programme structure:

Semester 1: Organisational Environment – Leadership and Management – Consultancy Project Minor.
Semester 2: International Finance – Strategic Marketing – Dissertation Preparation.
Semester 3: Consultancy Project Major – Dissertation.

The international team of (guest) lecturers are all experts in their respective field. They are from a diverse range of backgrounds in the fashion industry. Lively and entertaining speakers with a passion and infectious enthusiasm for fashion. All our lecturers endeavour to take a relaxed approach to the content, mixing lectures, seminars and company visits with more informal conversations during the tutorials.

More information about the Amsterdam Fashion Academy:

The Amsterdam Fashion Academy is a private international fashion school situated in the heart of Amsterdam; this state-of the-art academy has become a hub of student-centred learning with a high level of personal attention while also focusing on graduate employability. The Academy opened its doors in 2013 and was soon able to offer university awarded British Bachelor’s Honours degrees in Fashion with Textiles Design and Fashion Business, accredited by Bucks New University in England, along with a Fashion Foundation programme. This also means the degrees are aligned with the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) standards. The Amsterdam Fashion Academy prides itself on being a, small and personal fashion school putting quality before quantity. In 2017 it moved to its current location in an elegant townhouse in the heart of Amsterdam, which helps create a more friendly and informal atmosphere where students can get to know each other better and inspire each other.

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