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Fitz & Huxley: Hands free, world at your feet

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The Fitz & Huxley nano is your partner in crime for day and night. Its small size and weight makes you hardly notice that you are carrying a bag. But with enough space for your smartphone, cards, money and keys you know that you have all your essentials on you.

The nano is not only practical, it's also a stylish it-piece to give your outfit that little extra. Adjust the strap to your needs and wear it cross-body, over the shoulder or around your neck to feel footloose and ready to explore.

Add a pop of colour

There’s something to be said about bags you can wear everywhere and with everything. But some days, you just want to add a pop of colour to your outfit. This is why we came up with some cool, colourful versions of our all-black EQUINOX nano and all-grey COSMOS nano for you.

Browse our nano collection and choose your favourite accessory, available in several interpretations. Try one of our playful colours like the trendy SOLSTICE nano lilac or go for one of our popular colourways like the SOLSTICE nano charcoal or the SOLSTICE nano nano to create a classy look. Make sure you don't miss out on our limited edition inspired by the current tie dye trend: check COSMOS nano blossom and COSMOS nano mint.

About Fitz & Huxley

We are sprouts of the metropolis Berlin bursting with energy and love for the urban life: riding a bike to college, taking the underground to work, enjoying barbecues in the park and dancing at the coolest nightclubs. We believe that every child of the city needs a companion that’s both practical and functional while making an individual statement about taste and style.

With dedication to high-quality materials, the traditional bag maker’s craft and minimalistic design, we manufacture durable backpacks for all your adventures, both in your own neighbourhood and in the city as a whole. It’s our aim to turn the passion we feel for our work into something very special: perfectly refined products to complete your outfit.


Fitz & Huxley
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