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ISKO Vital™+ launches organic cotton face masks

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1 sep. 2020


Leading global fabric innovator ISKO has launched washable, breathable organic cotton face masks that offer protection against the spread of Covid-19, while also protecting the environment.

ISKO’s research and development experts have utilised their groundbreaking woven technology to produce face masks using the innovative ISKO Vital™+ a highly durable and reusable material made from soft organic cotton to ensure its face coverings not only look great and fit well but are also comfortable to wear.

The fabric offers high bacterial filtration and breathability, which makes it very suited for face masks, as well as meaning it can be used for a broad range of healthcare and wellbeing applications.

“At ISKO, we understand the need to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations,” said Edgar van der Linden from ISKO. “ISKO Vital™+ face masks are reusable, helping to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated by single-use disposable masks. What’s more, they are manufactured using eco-friendly organic cotton, resulting in a product that offers both quality and sustainability.”

The face masks are also available in three sizes as “one size does not fit all,” explains ISKO Vital™+. Customers can choose from small, medium and large, with small being a good fit for small kids up to the age of 8, medium is best for teens, and large is the standard adult size.

ISKO Vital™+ calls on public to “wear, wash and reuse” their face coverings

The Premium line of face masks, washable up to 15 times, come in black or white, while the Supreme face mask features trademarked Sanitized®, a patented polymer matrix technology, which gives anti-microbial material protection, integrated into the fabric. This feature kills 99 percent of microorganisms that get onto the mask whilst also preventing unpleasant odours that might arise when the mask is worn for a while.

“Essentially, next to high bacterial filtration and fluid-repellency, you can regard the Sanitized® feature as an additional level of protection. There are not many products on the market that offer triple protection like ISKO Vital™+ Supreme face covers,” added van der Linden.

The Supreme face masks, made from fluid repellent fabrics, are available in nine fashionable colours and can be washed up to 30 times.

Both lines have been designed to be extremely breathable, flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods, as well as all-year-round, and are eco-friendly, as they are produced with organic cotton and therefore biodegradable.

For peace of mind, ISKO Vital™+ face masks have also been tested by independent laboratories against international standards that determine the efficacy of face masks. Testing was done in accordance with the European EN 14683:2019+AC Type I standard, which is a professional standard for surgical masks, as well as the French AFNOR S76-001 Catégorie 1 standard, and are also compliant with the new European CWA 17553 standard for community face coverings.

In addition, ISKO Vital™+ has tested the fluid-repellency and antimicrobial feature, both for unwashed face covers and after 15 (Premium) and 30 washes (Supreme).

“We understand how important it is to know that customers can rely on our products. That’s why we develop and manufacture our ISKO Vital™+ products in line with a host of international quality, safety and sustainability standards. The extensive range of certifications serves to demonstrate our total commitment to customer safety and our planet. To name a few: EN 9001 and 14385 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and Standard 100 and STeP by OEKO-TEX,” explains van der Linden.

ISKO Vital™+ Supreme face masks are priced from 13.74 pounds/14.94 euros for three, 27.48 pounds/29.88 euros for a six, and 41.22 pounds/44.82 euros for a nine pack. ISKO Vital™+ Premium face masks are 16.05 pounds/17.45 euros for five, 30.35 pounds/33.00 euros for a 10, and 44.14 pounds/48.00 euros for 15.

Images: courtesy of ISKO Vital™+