LE BOOK presents CONNECTIONS Amsterdam, December 7th, 2017
LE BOOK presents CONNECTIONS Amsterdam, December 7th, 2017

CONNECTIONS is the meeting place to find talent and solutions for all your image & communication needs. Bringing together creatives in advertising, marketing, communications & branding - meeting a curated selection of 30+ leading creative agencies, solutions & services.

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LE BOOK presents CONNECTIONS Amsterdam, December 7th, 2017


“CONNECTIONS has been great for me because in my job I just don’t have enough time to see all the people that I need to see

- emerging talents and connected talents. To get a snapshot in one place - from specialists in casting, production, emerging directors, digital and social talents - has been invaluable. Thank you LE BOOK!”

Simon MORRIS | Global Creative Director | AMAZON

“It was most valuable for me to speak to these creative partners who are usually ‘hidden’ for us as advertisers. The direct interaction was inspiring – it allowed me to address ideas and challenges in a very efficient manner.”

Peter HAUG | Marketing Director | BMW

“What a surprise, getting so inspired in your own city. I have 20 new ideas for my future campaigns.

You showed me future/forward thinking. Thanks LOADS!”

Carla EIKENAAR | Brand Manager | DIAGEO

“Great showcase reflecting the changing landscape - print, video, new technologies. The word CONNECTIONS says it all - we live in a digital world where things are digested in 2 seconds online and you don’t get that emotional connection, you don’t put faces on the people. This is the kind of moment where you don’t just the see the work but you see the people

behind the work. t’s a human connection, it’s really important”

Martin Peters GINSBORG | Executive Creative Director | GREY NORDIC

“CONNECTIONS AMSTERDAM was time well spent. In the busy life of creatives it's amazing to have all the talent under one roof. Not only does it spark a lot of ideas, it also sparks a ton of conversation with the local creative community. The venue was intimate and the work was beautiful. Can't wait for the next one.”

Nick CLINE | Global Brand Design | ADIDAS

“Great selection of exhibitors from new technologies to post production companies - an amazing source of valuable CONNECTIONS”.

Daphne HOOGENBOOM | Marketing, Media Manager | KLM

“Let's bring fashion, technique, CGI and VR all together in 1 project. All the pieces of this puzzle can be found at CONNECTIONS.”

Geoffrey LILLEMON | Creative Director | W+K AMSTERDAM

“Great concept - mixing creative work, discovered through amazing exhibitors, reviewing work and identifying the best in creativity and emerging trends - what a combo! Merci LE BOOK!”

Nic OWEN | Managing Director | 72ANDSUNNY


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