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First International Competition Imagining Sustainable Fashion

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Let’s spread the word all around The Netherlands about an open call, coming directly from Milan, in the sustainable fashion field!

Connecting Cultures, a non-profit research agency located in Milan, in partnership with CLASS launches the first international competition for innovative models of communication in sustainable fashion.


All stylists, photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and other creatives are invited to rethink how to communicate the new generation of values of an ethical and sustainable fashion system. This open call will be judged by a high profile jury of international standing and the winning submission will be awarded a cash prize of €3.000.The challenges facing the fashion industry today are many and complex. This competition will shine a spotlight on an industry in crisis and bring about a transformation so that sustainability, innovation, and style co-exist seamlessly.


Proposals for traditional media such as editorial projects, fashion events, photography and advertising as well as new digital and phygital projects, from social media campaigns to gaming and even immersive and virtual experiences, will all be accepted.

You can send your proposal to info@connectingcultures.info by midnight on 12 January 2021. All other info and submission guidelines can be found here.

Out of Fashion

Connecting Cultures has an active presence in sustainable fashion through its dynamic platform Out of Fashion, a multiplatform project promoting sustainability in fashion by organizing courses and events. The Out of Fashion course is for young, up-and-coming professionals interested in starting their own business or launching their own brand, for those working in the textiles industry, for students from schools of fashion, art, and design.

The course is taught by prominent international experts within the cultural and fashion systems: experts in fashion, art, ethics, manufacturing, communications, and economics. Two of the lecturers of the 2020-2021 course are from The Netherlands: Janice Deul and Alice Twemlow.

The Dutch diplomatic missions in Italy are supporting Dutch-Italian knowledge exchange and work together with Connecting Cultures and others towards a sustainable and circular fashion system.

Hopefully, creatives from The Netherlands will participate massively in this Open Call. How nice would it be to have a Dutch winner?

This publication has been realised with the financial support of the RVO.

Are you curious about opportunities in or with Italy? Send an email!

Consulate-General in Milan: mil-ea@minbuza.nl (Manuela Capra and Vivian Dornseiffen)
Embassy in Rome: rom-ea@minbuza.nl (Chris Schoenmakers)

Connecting Cultures
consulaat-generaal der nederlanden te Milaan
Out of Fashion
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